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A dip into my darkness

watch out it's muddy

5 March
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Hey wasup people
im Eric im 19
curenty single
ive been told im way too sensitive
i love ska for all ur ignorant ppl out there ska is a form of rock music much too cool for u
catch 22 rules
im a senior at a local high school
frissbees awsome
i love all my friends =)

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Date Created:7/13/04
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Eric has been described as a crack head by some. he likes to run take ska walks and is better at frissbee than coffey
Strengths: Awsome good looks masive frissbee skill abillity to look like a stonner without being one
Weaknesses: very pliable will do most any thing for a girl skinny to the point of anorexia
Special Skills: frissbee allstar the ability for every one to like me except for coffey
Weapons: so goodlooking it scares ppl kung fu grip
why eric is better than coffey: Better looking not slimmey not evil much cooler

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